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Self-reporting of isolation due to COVID-19 or illness is required to limit the spread and protect the health and safety of the community. The information collected will be kept secure and no personal information will be released unless required by law or with your consent. Although the self-declaration is not mandatory, we strongly encourage you to complete the form.

The form will be forwarded to the Cellule de coordination COVID-19 at Université Laval. An acknowledgement of receipt will confirm receipt of your form. The information provided may be shared with a public health authority for the purpose of conducting an epidemiological investigation.

Your program directorate and teachers will receive a notice informing them of the beginning and end of the isolation period related to your report. If you have an assessment activity scheduled during this period, you must make arrangements with your Program Director and teachers.

Note: a second declaration will be required if your situation requires it (e.g. extension of seclusion, receipt of a diagnosis after seclusion associated with an investigation, etc.).

The information collected will be kept in a secure registry and will be destroyed by April 30, 2022.

Once the form has been submitted, you may submit any requests for access or changes to the information provided by emailing covid19@ulaval.ca.

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Pour toute question ou commentaire, communiquer avec covid19@ulaval.ca.